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DYNAMIC - Semi Synthetic

Exone Semi Synthetic all season multi-grade motor oils are high performance products formulated from high quality synthetic and highly refined mineral base stocks with perfect high performance additive packages to meet and exceed the API & SAE specifications cited herein.  Its superiority to conventional oils exhibiting better oxidation, thermal stability and high viscosity index besides low volatility enables excellent protection of engine against rust, wear, sludge build-up and corrosion. Suitable for both turbo charged and naturally aspirated gasoline engines operating under severe conditions.


  • Outstanding thermal stability, oxidation resistance eliminating any degradation even in very severe use.
  • Excellent engine protection provides enhanced protection in today’s efficient passenger car engines.
  • Catalyst and turbo proven.
  • Active ingredients continuously lock away harmful dirt and deposits, keeping engine clean.
  • Maximum protection against wear & tear, sludge build up, rust and corrosion.
  • Environment friendly technology – reduced chlorine content. 

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