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FLEET - Synthetic Series

Exone Synthetic Diesel Oils are multi grade diesel engine oils with high performance characteristics. Formulated from high quality synthetic base stocks, highly refined mineral base oils and performance enhancer additive technology, they provide excellent engine protection with low oil consumption and longer drain intervals. Active dispersants and detergent additives ensure a clean and long running engine. Recommended for vehicles & equipment operating under heavy load and tough long distance operating conditions.


  • Premium base stocks and additives give excellent low temperature performance and extra-long service life.
  • High level of performance and TBN level insures safer and longer drain intervals.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation.
  • Outstanding thermal stability, oxidation resistance eliminating any degradation even in very severe use.
  • Ensuring maximum engine cleanliness.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation.
  • Effectively neutralizes corrosive acids to protect bearings and other vitals engine surfaces.

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