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4 Stroke Engine Oil

Exone 2T & 4T motorcycle lubricants are high performance oils designed specifically for two & four-stroke engines of motorcycles. With its large performance capabilities it meets stringent requirements of motorcycle manufacturers. Strong lubrication film and high oxidization stability provides excellent high temperature resistance. It prevents piston and valve deposits as well as slipping or sticking clutches after cold start. Swift oil supply to all engine parts results in optimal anti-wear properties, long term engine protection in short-distance driving and in continuous operation.


  • Reduced carbon deposit buildup on internal engine parts.
  • Contains exclusive “Gel Buster “additive.
  • Effectively reduces piston ring sticking.
  • Reduced bearing wear.
  • Increased engine efficiency.
  • Cleaner, better-running engines producing less smoke.
  • Protection of critical engine components.
  • Extends engine life.

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